On & On


It’s so hard when people ask me how I feel

There’s nothing to explain, nothing to conceal

Keep on wondering, keep on telling me

Just to seem real

I've got enough on my mind, gonna take some time to heal


I’ll be leaving, I’ll be gone

Don’t mean to lead you on

I’ve been singing the same damn song

To forget that you’re gone

But I can’t, the thought rolls on

And on, and on, and on, and on


Like a freightliner through my heart, It just tears me apart

Water’s rising and like an ark, things just drifting apart


The things that fill, this old world, they just don’t come to heart

And I know I’ve been with it girl, it’s just so hard

It’s just so hard, It’s just so hard


Make my bed up and mow the yard

Get done, drive my car

Thoughts are spinning through my ears just like a birthday card

And tell me it goes on and on

And on, and on, and on ,and on


And on and on and on and on and on and on ………


Eli Fox