Fine Toothed Comb

Well I'm a struttin' on down that road

The only road I know

See her there in her golden hair

Standing with a fine toothed comb


Said hey little darling

Would you let me want to borrow

Something of your own

I'm desperate for a groom

Need it pretty soon

Let me use your fine toothed comb


Sixteen towns and different sounds

Coming through the radio

Muddy water ringing

High lonesome singing

Running through the ole banjo


Thought I'd wake up early today

Fix myself a brew

Woke up late

No time to explain

Guess that's nothing new


Feeling pretty shaggy down in the valley

Somewhere round TN

started feeling better

Right when I got a letter

On of the border of Mississippi


I got to the station

What a relief

Only bout a quarter to 3

Then I see a shady looking figure standing there looking at me

I hollered what do you want

There's nothing here to see

It looked kinda funny

Then she came a running

No more on my own

Here she comes

Sweet little darling

Carrying my fine toothed comb


Come on now, come on give me,  give me back my fine toothed comb

Well, Come on now, come on give me,  give me back my fine toothed comb


Eli Fox