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Join Eli Fox as he masters a musical journey to the past, present and future.

New Debut Release "Nothing to Say" released April 2016




Tall Tales Provides Eli Fox With A Big Debut

East Tennessee’s Eli Fox is the latest artist to show that remarkable proficiency; at age 18, he’s setting his sites on college and, equally importantly, boasting his full length musical debut, the ironically dubbed Tall Tales. The follow up to an initial EP that came out last year, it finds Fox taking his cue from traditional Americana and, most strikingly, the wit and rapport of early Bob Dylan.

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Roots prodigy Eli Fox sets his sights on Dylan tribute, bear festival

Singer-songwriter Eli Fox, who recently graduated from the Webb School of Knoxville and made his bones as the co-founder of bluegrass band Subtle Clutch, strikes most people who see him perform as a reincarnation of a young Dylan. From his vocal delivery to his staccato work on a harmonica rig while his thumb rolls across the banjo, he’s an ideal choice for the all-star tribute, although any sort of comparison is shrugged off by the young musician in his characteristic aw-shucks fashion.

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No Depression - Nothing To Say Proves Eli Fox has Plenty To Say

Eli Fox is one of those overachievers; at age seventeen he’s already got an old soul, as his self-produced debut EP Nothing To Say makes convincingly clear. Having found his footing in bluegrass, honky tonk and classic country, he fits comfortably into a niche that suggests perhaps he’s one of Hank Williams’ lost offspring, especially on a song like “Where Do You Go?” where he emulates Hank’s down home rambleand earthier instincts. 

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Festival Fix: The Dancing Bear Music & Food Festival

Although he may have been the youngest performer there, Eli Fox & Band was never wet behind the ears. He started the festival with his signature fusion style of bluegrass and Americana music past, present, and future while coming-of-age inspired group, A Boy Named Banjo took us on a musical journey and played songs straight from their new EP. 

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Knox News - Eli Fox has always pounced at the chance to play music

Eli Fox's debut album is called "Nothing to Say ...," but that's probably because Fox lets his music do most of the talking.

At only 17, Fox has been a part of the acoustic band Subtle Clutch, which played on a main stage of the Rhythm N' Blooms festival and opened Waynestock in 2015, and, more recently, has been performing as a solo artist. He plays at least seven instruments — and there might be more by next week. He's also a rising senior at Webb School of Knoxville.

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